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UP10TION GUIDE! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

(l-r: sunyoul, wei, xiao, gyujin, jinhoo, bitto, wooshin, kogyeol, hwanhee, kuhn)

welcome to TOP media's newest boy group, up10tion!
up10tion boasts 10 very talented, charming, and handsome young men, who wish to follow in the footsteps of their company sunbaes teen top and 100% to be acknowledged as a boy group with precise choreography and great songs.
they mostly promote in south korea but also expanded to the chinese market.


music videos + dance practices

[Spoiler (click to open)]debut mv: so dangerous (sep 10, 2015)

dance practice

top secret b-side mv: come as you are

comeback: catch me! (nov 26, 2015)

dance practice

sunyoul's collab mv with gfriend yuju, "cherish" (march 7th, 2016)

comeback: attention (april 18th, 2016)

dance practice

cute one-take version

meet the members!

[Spoiler (click to open)]CVWCD9yUsAEDT9i.jpgCVWCFSSUEAAmMwY.jpg
(left-right: wei, bitto, kuhn, kogyeol, gyujin, sunyoul, xiao, jinhoo, wooshin, hwanhee)

stage name: jinhoo (진후)
chinese stage name: zhèn hǔ (镇琥)
real name: kim jinwook (김진욱)
birthday: august 2, 1995
position: leader, main vocalist
blood type: A
hometown: changwon
height: 173cm (5ft 7in)

  • the tiniest, so naturally the leader

  • high tenor voice

  • big lips and big heart

  • loves to cuddle

  • rather embarrassing


stage name: kuhn (쿤)
chinese stage name: kūn (坤)
real name: no sooil (노수일)
birthday: november 11, 1995
position: co-leader, vocalist, rapper
blood type: O
hometown: ansan
height: 183 cm (6ft)

  • good at everything tbh

  • beatboxes

  • never-ending puns with his stage name

  • moodmaker

  • very protective and cool

stage name: kogyeol (고결)
chinese stage name: gāo jié (高潔)
real name: go minsoo (고민수)
birthday: may 19, 1996
position: main vocalist
blood type: A
hometown: bucheon
height: 183 cm (6ft)

  • "kogyeol" means "noble" and he will let you know that

  • has really nice hips

  • wants to be a variety star like ze:a's kwanghee

  • the clumsiest

  • smiley as hell


stage name: wei (웨이)
chinese stage name: wěi (伟)
real name: lee sungjun (이성준)
birthday: june 8, 1996
position: rapper
blood type: O
hometown: hyewa-dong, seoul
height: 185cm (6ft 1in)

  • the tallest member, aka "the pillar"

  • has so many teeth

  • his limbs go on for days

  • has the higher-pitched rap voice

  • cuddly with everyone

  • playful and great at fanservice


stage name: bitto (비토)
chinese stage name: bì tǔ (碧土)
real name: lee changhyun (이창현)
birthday: august 24, 1996
position: rapper, lead dancer
blood type: O
hometown: dongducheon
height: 180cm (5ft 10in)

  • super low voice, total disconnect with his cute face

  • 4d personality

  • raps but sings very prettily too

  • chatters a lot

  • very fluid and strong dancer

  • really wants to do a duet with a girl

stage name: wooshin (우신)
chinese stage name: yǔ xìn (宇信)
real name: kim wooseok (김우석)
birthday: october 27, 1996
position: vocalist, face of the group
blood type: O
hometown: daejon
height: 175cm (5ft 8in)

  • fairy-looking child who will steal your lunch money

  • all the other members say wooshin is the scariest, which wooshin adamantly denies

  • best at chinese

  • cute harmonies

  • cute voice

  • all-around cute

  • just don't mess with him


stage name: sunyoul (선율)
chinese stage name: shàn yù (善燏)
real name: sun yein (선예인)
birthday: november 6, 1996
position: lead vocalist
blood type: B
hometown: jeollanam-do
height: 175cm (5ft 8in)


stage name: gyujin (규진)
chinese stage name: kuí zhēn (奎真)
real name: han gyujin (한규진)
birthday: november 21, 1997
position: vocalist, main dancer
blood type: AB
hometown: icheon
height: 181cm (5ft 11in)

  • Look At Those Eyebrows

  • shy and pure guy

  • has the best arms

  • fanservice king

  • bias list destroyer


stage name: hwanhee (환희)
chinese stage name: huān xǐ (欢喜)
real name: lee hwanhee (이환희)
birthday: may 6, 1998
position: lead vocalist
blood type: O
hometown: daejeon
height: 175cm (5ft 8in)

  • human puppy

  • lower-tone lead vocal

  • super fucking whiny but he's cute so he gets away with it

  • gets picked on a lot

  • similar to exo's baekhyun in appearance and voice

  • best friends with xiao



stage name: xiao (샤오)
chinese stage name: xiǎo wù (晓悟)
real name: lee dongyeol (이동열)
birthday: december 13, 1998
position: vocalist, maknae
blood type: B
hometown: busan
height: 177cm (5ft 9in)

  • super energetic and adorable maknae

  • everyone dotes on this kid

  • he likes to mess around with his hyungs too

  • very emotional

  • has abs???

other fun performances and videos!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
jinhoo, bitto, xiao, hwanhee, and kogyeol in H.O.T's candy

performance of sechs kies's couple

can't embed but this video is their performance of dash on immortal song 2, and it is awesome

here's up10tion fanboying as they watch sunyoul and yuju's cherish mv

boy group medley on music core (b2st's 12:30, block b's her, exo's love me right)

dance version of attention w/ moving camera

attention part switch version

notable links!
up10tion's twitter: UP10TION
up10tion's youtube: UP10TION
up10tion's facebook: UP10TION
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