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~*~*~levon’s favorite kpop albums of 2015~*~*~ (#20-#11)

(lmao i have no idea what that is)
this year was an amazing year for kpop wasn’t it??? and also a terrible year for american music, which is the other large industry i get most of my music from. a lot of what i listened to this year came from korea and so these albums ended up defining the year for me. idk how to do intros. please enjoy.

also these are really loosely ranked, because i am bad at ranking things. basically please just take away that all 20 of these albums mean a lot to me. this post is also entirely for fun, i don't mean anything serious by it, i'm literally just a little american boy who can talk about music for hours so please bear with me lmao.

here we go!

#20 through #11Collapse )

top ten coming soon :D